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Home Tuition Scotland provides Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh for you!

Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh is provided by fully qualified SQA teachers. All of our tutors are fully qualified teachers. We do not recruit university students as so many other private tuition agencies do. Having a qualified teacher rather than a student, as your tutor, makes the world of difference because teachers actually have a thorough understanding of the curricula that your child is partaking in and can therefore boost your child in their academics.

To book Spanish Tutoring in Edinburgh, please continue to the booking form.

You will find that the cost of booking Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh is very fair and affordable. We have no doubt that Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh is a valuable investment for your child’s future.

Our tutors from Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh can do home tutorials. Our tutors can actually travel to your home and teach your child within your own homely environment. This is a great opportunity for you as well as you will not have to worry about transporting your child anywhere and you can stay at home, knowing that your child is getting the best tuition just in the next room!

In the first lesson of Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh we will determine in what areas that your child may specifically need help within the Spanish course. Making this clear in the first tutorial makes sure that no time is wasted and we will be straight to work on reaching the highest possible grades!

Your tutor from Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh will be personally matched to the student. This match is based on your child’s academic needs and our tutors’ expertise.

Find out more about the very competitive fees of Spanish Tutoring Edinburgh with Home Tuition Scotland.

If you are an SQA qualified teacher who is looking for work, you can find out about working with us.
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Spanish tutors in Edinburgh

Home Tuition Scotland provides many Spanish tutors in the area of Edinburgh and surrounding areas.  We can help you with SQA school tuition or just for your own benefit in improving your Spanish language knowledge.


One of the reasons that we are Scotland’s biggest Spanish tutors in Edinburgh provider is because that we employ completely qualified SQA Spanish teachers. We are unlike other tuition agencies that supply their clients with students that are not actually qualified.

As our Spanish tutors in Edinburgh are school teachers they will have an extensive knowledge of the current SQA curriculum. Therefore they will be able to help your child with any specific coursework and exams.


If we sound like what you may be looking for then please go on to our application form and we will be in touch about you getting started up with a suitable tutor.


By ensuring your child now with solid tuition, it will help provide a very promising future into higher education.

In the school classroom there is no one on one tuition, so if your child is struggling in areas they will not receive help like they would with private tuition with Spanish tutors in Edinburgh.


In your first lesson with Spanish tutors in Edinburgh, your tutor will establish the weaker areas that will be the main focus of the oncoming weeks and months of tuition. This avoids time wasting on other areas of initial strength.


At Spanish tutors in Edinburgh offer you lessons at a very competitive rate.


We are Scotland biggest Spanish tutors in Edinburgh provider.


If you are a qualified SQA Spanish tutors in Edinburgh then please get in touch to work with us as we often have new openings for qualified teachers to join our team at Home Tuition ScotlandGlasgow Spanish tutor.